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CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. Candidates Seeking Master's Degrees At CCNY

En-Route Master’s Degree for candidates continuing in Ph.D. Program at the CUNY graduate center

Students who are currently registered in a Ph.D. Program at the CUNY Graduate Center, and intend to complete that degree, may receive a master’s degree from The City College in graduate academic disciplines offered by CCNY. Students must:

  • Complete the appropriate forty-five (45) credits in the Ph.D. Program.

  • Pass the first examination in their field of study.

  • File the "eligibility for degree" form at the Graduate Center.

In all cases, the student must contact the Executive Officer of their program, at the Graduate Center, to initiate the process.

The en-route master’s will be awarded as of the commencement dates at CCNY. City College will not maintain a transcript record for en-route master’s students. However, for purposes of record keeping, the College will maintain an abbreviated record, indicating that the student has been awarded an En-Route Master’s Degree from CCNY.

Note: The en-route master’s is not available in the following areas: Classics, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Liberal Studies, Philosophy and Political Science.

Master’s degree candidates at CCNY who do not intend to continue in the Ph.D. Program at the CUNY Graduate Center

Students who wish to obtain a master’s degree and who do not intend to continue in the Ph.D. Program at the Graduate Center must do the following:

  • Officially withdraw from the Ph.D. Program prior to applying for admission to the master’s program at City College.

  • Complete an application for graduate admission with the Office of Admissions at City College.

  • Complete an application for degree with the Office of the Registrar at City College.

Courses taken at the Graduate Center will count toward the CCNY residency requirement.