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Policy on Lateness and Absence

Students are expected to attend every class session of each course in which they are enrolled and to be on time. An instructor has the right to drop a student from a course for excessive absence. Students are advised to determine the instructor’s policy at the first class session. They should note that an instructor might treat lateness as equivalent to absence. No distinction is made between excused and unexcused absences. Each instructor retains the right to establish his or her own policy, but students should be guided by the following general College policy:

In courses designated as clinical, performance, laboratory or fieldwork courses, the limit on absences is established by the individual instructor. For all other courses, the number of hours absent may not exceed twice the number of contact hours the course meets per week.

When a student is dropped for excessive absence, the instructor will enter the grade of WU. A student may appeal this action to the Committee on Course and Standing in the school in which the course is offered.