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The Division of Student Affairs

"Students First!" is the motto that guides the work and commitment of our talented and dedicated Student Affairs team. Our team is comprised of the Division of Student Affairs, a group seasoned professionals, and you, the students who care deeply for their peers and who partner with us to provide The City College community with a tremendously rewarding college experience. The Division of Student Affairs is organized into three clusters, each with its own goals for addressing the different components for students' success.

We help students to successfully move through critical transitions, beginning with new student orientation through graduation, professional development, and graduate studies. The Professional Student Development cluster provides guidance to students as they transition from their college to career path, by providing numerous opportunities for experiential learning through internships and professional development, as well as employment and career services for current students and alumni. Included in the Professional Student Development cluster are the Professional Development Institute, the Office of International Students and Scholar Services, and the Office of Community Standards and Judicial Affairs.

We engage students, their families, and the college community in activities that build relationships and promote college spirit. Student Campus Involvement offers programs that encourage community engagement through the following departments: The office of Student Life and Leadership Development, Athletics and Recreational Sports, the Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation, and the Office of Veterans Affairs.

Student Affairs promotes a holistic model of Wellness for all our students. From the dedicated medical staff in Student Health Services, to our robust athletic and fitness programs, we help students to achieve and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The one-stop Health and Wellness Services provides critical support for students who have urgent needs. The departments housed within Health and Wellness Services are Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, the Office of AccessAbility and Student Disability Services, Gender Resources and Emergency Grants.

The Division of Student Affairs also offers services to accommodate students whose needs and responsibilities exceed their academic commitments. The Child Development and Family Services Center provides daily childcare and educational services to children and families of City College students. The Division also has a Student Affairs department at the Center for Worker Education to address the needs of working students.

The Division of Student Affairs is located in the Wille Administration Building, Room 204. The telephone number is (212) 650-5426. The Division office will help you to navigate its many programs and services.

Health and Wellness Services

Health and Wellness Services provides programmatic and informational support to help students further their academic and personal growth goals. This office serves as an umbrella for several different departments including the AccessAbility Center (Student Disability Services), the Counseling Center, Student Health Services, Gender Resources and Emergency grants. Through Health and Wellness Services, students are given assistance with different types of problems, such as how to navigate the College bureaucracy to resolve an academic or personal dispute, where to get counseling within and outside of the institution, and how to locate the College's programs and resources that address student financial and social concerns. The goal is to provide clear and accessible information to allow students to feel confident and empowered in their interactions with the institution. Health and Wellness Services is currently located in the Marshak Science Building, Room J-15, with some of its various offices located throughout campus.

AccessAbility Center (Student Disability Services)

The AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services (AAC/SDS) ensures full participation and meaningful access to all of City College’s services, programs, and activities that correspond with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, amended in 2008, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Fair Housing Act of 1968, and other applicable Federal, State, and local non-discriminations laws. AAC/SDS accomplishes this goal through the coordination and implementation of appropriate accommodations, academic adjustments, and support services for City College Students with disabilities. The Center works actively toward full inclusion in policies, procedures, and practices in the context of accessibility, while maintaining essential academic and technical standards. If you are a student with a disability and believe you could benefit from AAC/SDS accommodations and services, please contact the Center via: telephone: (212) 650 -5913, TTY/TTD: (212) 650-8441, email:, or visit in-person at North Academic Center, Room 1/218, during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm). 

While students can request accommodations at any time, it is best to contact AAC/SDS as early as possible

For more information, please visit

 Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) is committed to the delivery of quality care to the student population in order to promote, improve and advance the health, wellbeing and overall success of college students as directed by the guidelines of the American College Health Association (ACHA).
Clinical services provided by a full time and part time Registered Nurse. These services are free and confidential to all currently enrolled CCNY students. Medical services include immunizations such as MMR, Hepatitis B, Tdap (Tetanus) and seasonal Influenza, PPD/ Tuberculin testing, Health Education and First Aid.  SHS arranges for free on-site HIV Testing and health insurance navigators as part of the Affordable Care Act for information and enrollment to various health insurance plans. SHS provides continuity of care with referrals to community based organizations.  SHS has also joined the National Campaign for the Prevention of Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy along with other CUNY campuses and is committed to comply with the Campus Sexual Health Initiative by providing students with the education, tools and resources available.

Immunization Requirements:

New York State Public Health Law (PHL) 2165 (1b and Title 10 New York Codes, Rules and Regulations Subpart 66-2 (10 NYCRR Subpart 66-2) mandates that all incoming students, whether full time or part time, born on or after December 31, 1956, must be immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and requires proof of immunity as a requirement for attendance. City College reserves the right to prevent the registration of any applicant who fails to provide a record of immunization or who, otherwise, provides a health risk to the College community. It is University policy that all students who register for six or more credits/equivalent credits and were born after December 31, 1956 must provide proof of their immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella.

New York State passed Public Health Law 2167, addressing meningococcal meningitis. In compliance with PHL 2167, all New York State students, regardless of how many credits they take in college, must fill out a Meningococcal Meningitis Response form. Students may download both forms from the Student Health Services website:

Student Health Services is located in the Marshak Building, Room J-15 and can be reached at 212-650-8222.

The Counseling Center

The mission of the Counseling Center is to assist students in the resolution of any barriers that may hinder their ability to achieve their highest academic potential, while ensuring their mental health needs are met, regardless of ability to pay. Counselors provide free of charge and confidential short-term, student-centered and culturally informed psychological services from a modern and integrative theoretical orientation, treating all students with respect and recognition of their unique strengths. Counseling offers students a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental space to voice their concerns and address these concerns with a counselor. Counselors provide students with feedback, they listen, reflect, and validate students’ emotions, and they offer support and strategies for coping with challenges. Counseling has been shown to be helpful with a wide range of concerns and is effective for both chronic problems and situational difficulties. Most students learn that counseling offers tremendous benefits in helping them work through problems that are affecting their lives.  

The Counseling Center also serves as a liaison to the community, linking students to more intensive and longer term services when needed. Additionally, the Counseling Center is committed to supporting faculty in the identification of students who may benefit from counseling services and reaching students in need. 

Services at the Counseling Center include individual counseling, crisis intervention, group counseling, consultation, referral, and psycho-educational activities. Students who are interested in scheduling an appointment or learning about the Counseling Center should call (212) 650-8222, stop by Health and Wellness Services in the Marshak Science Building J-15, or email counseling@ccny.cuny,edu.

Gender and Sexuality Resources

Gender and Sexuality Resources at CCNY promotes a culture of inclusion of all gender and sexual identities at CCNY while recognizing the intersectionality of oppression, race, religion, class, ability/disability, immigration status and ethnicity. The office provides confidential clinical services to registered CCNY students including crisis support and resources for LGBTQIA+ students, survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and interpersonal violence.  We nurture and support the LGBTQIA+ community.  Students who are interested in scheduling an appointment or learning more should call (212) 650-8222, stop by Health and Wellness Services in Marshak Building, Room J-15 or email  Visit our website for additional information and resources:

Emergency Grants

Health and Wellness facilitates the Emergency Grant Program for currently enrolled students in degree granting programs who do not owe tuition to the college. These grants can assist students for short-term, non-recurring emergencies with a one-time grant to alleviate the situation. Any matriculated student in good academic standing, who is experiencing a current and unforeseen emergency, is eligible to apply for a grant. Interested students can visit the emergency grant website:

The Office of Student Life and Leadership Development

The Office of Student Life and Leadership Development works collaboratively with undergraduate and graduate student leaders to create an engaging and vibrant co-curricular experience at City College. The office advises and provides assistance to over 150 student organizations in chartering their clubs, planning their activities and offering leadership training. The office also houses the CitySERV program that organizes and matches interested students with volunteer or community service opportunities. Additionally, the SEEDS (Student Empowerment & Engagement Development Series) program and the SLAPC (Student Life Activities Planning Committee) committee offer students the opportunity to get involved in planning campus events while developing leadership skills.

The office also manages the Hoffman Student Lounge, the Game Room, the NAC Ballroom, the Aronow Theater, a computer lab and several conference rooms for use by CCNY students and their organizations. Additionally, the office oversees the New Student Orientation Program, the annual Student Elections and serves as advisor to the Undergraduate Student Government, the Graduate Student Council and all student media. The office is located in NAC 1/210 and the phone number is 212-50-5002.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The City College of New York features fourteen varsity sports and one club sport (co-ed lacrosse) that compete at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III intercollegiate level: seven for women (basketball, soccer, volleyball, fencing, cross country running, indoor and outdoor track and field) and eight for men (basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field) and seven for men (basketball, baseball,soccer, volleyball, cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field). 

The City College of New York Department of Intercollegiate Athletics takes pride in laying a solid foundation built on teamwork, honesty, respect, and sportsmanship. The Department of Athletics does adhere to all City College, City University of New York Athletic Conference (CUNYAC), and National Collegiate Athletic Association guidelines and demonstrate highly ethical behavior in pursuit of excellence.

Our fourteen NCAA sports all have long histories of success and championships, both individual and team. Teams compete in various local, regional, national events and leagues, with primary affiliation being the CUNY Athletic Conference. The primary goal of the college is to provide an environment where student-athletes can excel academically, athletically, and personally. Athletic scholarships are not offered by Division III colleges. Membership on a team is open to all qualified undergraduate students in good academic standing and who meet the NCAA eligibility standards. For more information, contact the Athletics office (Marshak Building, Room J20; 212-650-8228;

The Office of Recreation and Campus Fitness

The Office of Recreation & Campus Fitness provides the campus community with structured competitive athletic events, tournaments, and leagues, as well as access to a wide variety of athletic and fitness facilities. The structured activities of the Intramural program generally takes place during club hours on Thursdays. Some of the events that take place during the semester include basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, and tennis. The recreation program offers the campus community opportunities to work out with cardiovascular equipment and weight training in the Wingate Fitness Center. Individuals can swim, play tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, frisbee, or jog in a recreational, non-competitive environment. The recreation program emphasizes enjoyment, health and wellness, social interaction, camaraderie, and physical activity. The intramural programs also offer that along with the challenge of competition with one’s peers. (Wingate Hall, 3rd floor; 212-650-6595)

The City College Welcome Center

Centrally located near the entrance the NAC building, the Welcome Center provides a warm and collegial introduction to student life on the City College campus. The Center is staffed by a team of enthusiastic student workers who are dedicated to accommodating students’ needs in a “One-Stop Center” that promotes student success and retention in a nurturing and welcoming environment. It serves as the key information, resource and referral center for students and visitors to City College. In addition to sharing vital information about campus resources and facilities the Center also arranges college tours and provides information on upcoming student events and programs. Other services include courtesy telephones for on-campus calls and maps to find your way around campus. Stop by and say “Hi” to the staff or call 212-650-5338 for more information.

Professional Development Institute

The Career and Professional Development Institute of the City College of New York is committed to providing essential resources, services, and opportunities that enable CCNY students and alumni to achieve their professional goals and career satisfaction in a global marketplace. The objective of the Career and Professional Development Institute is to identify significant student transitions and strategically guide their college and career passages. In addition, it provides and expands opportunities for experiential learning through the greater development of internships. The Career and Professional Development Institute's programs and skills training provide a crucial link between talent and teamwork: connecting candidates with job opportunities while meeting the hiring needs of employers, businesses, and organizations. (North Academic Center 1/116; 212-650-5327)

The Office of Community Standards

Academic communities exist to facilitate the process of acquiring and exchanging knowledge and understanding, to enhance the personal and intellectual development of its members, and to advance the interests of society. In order to realize its purpose, the College and its members must be free from personal injury or harm; bias or harassment; intimidation or coercion; damage or loss of property; disruption of educational and social activities; unreasonable interference with the exchange of concepts and ideas; and unreasonable interference with the administrative and supporting services offered by the College. Accordingly, all student members of the college community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect for the rights and personal/academic well-being of others, preserves the integrity of the social and academic environment, and supports the mission of the college. The Office of Community Standards’ chief responsibility is to educate students of their role in maintaining this learning environment and to address behavior that impedes, obstructs, or threatens the maintenance of order and attainment of the aforementioned goals by violating the standards of conduct set forth in the college and University student conduct policies. The Office of Community Standards is also responsible for investigating alleged violations of the intuitional rules on student conduct and for the coordination and implementation of the conduct process.
For more information about the Office of Community Standards, the CCNY Rules for Student Conduct and the Student Conduct Process you may visit the City College web site at or contact the Office of Community Standards at 212-650-5009 and

Child Development and Family Services Center

The Child Development and Family Services Center provides quality childcare and early educational services to the students of City College New York. Services are provided for children ages two to five years old. The Center, which is located on-campus, operates daily from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To meet the needs and schedules of busy students, there is an evening program offered from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, as well as a summer program that is offered Monday through Thursday. Breakfast, lunch, and supper-snack are provided in the day program everyday during the fall and spring semesters. Additionally, the Center is a fieldwork placement site for students from the School of Education, the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Studies, the Spitzer School of Architecture, and the departments of Psychology and Sociology, as well as a work-study placement site. (Schiff House, 133rd Street & Convent Avenue; 212-650-8615)

Office of Veterans Affairs

The goal of the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) is to educate the veterans, guardsmen, and reservists of the United States Armed Forces whose courageous service to their country must be rewarded by investing in their future and ensuring their academic success. The OVA is committed to recruiting, enrolling, and retaining veteran students and their families. The OVA works in collaboration with the various offices on campus including Student Affairs, Admissions, Disability Services, Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, and Affirmative Action to assist veterans in becoming acclimated to college life while obtaining veteran educational benefits and other available resources. Student veterans receive a maximum of 12 military elective credits and a maximum of 12 military credits from non-traditional sources for a total maximum of 24 credits. Credits will be granted for military training courses based on the recommendations from the ACE (American Council on Education) armed forces military evaluation guidelines. (Wingate Hall, Room 107; 212-650-7132)

Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation

The Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation (AEC) at The City College of New York provides administrative oversight over revenue-generating, entrepreneurial activities at the college. The services include cam-pus-wide dining, vending, catering, bookstore operations, ATM ser-vices, copier services, student housing, and other service enhance-ments and initiatives. The Executive Director serves as the adminis-trator of the CityONECard program. The AEC also provides funding to student Clubs and Organizations each year to support student ex-periences on and off campus. For more information about the AEC, visit

Dining Services

Dining Services at City College strives to provide products and ser-vices that are high quality, offer variety and good value in all of our dining locations and Starbucks Cafes throughout campus. We offer bountiful meals at modest cost, snacks, and beverages to satisfy midday cravings and those on the run, while our Starbucks Cafes provide diners with places they can relax and exchange ideas. Our chefs prepare healthy and nutritious fare to meet the desires of a diverse community each day. From vegetarian and vegan to Halal and Asian, as well as pizza and grilled burgers, we offer a variety of fare tempting to all.

There are several, convenient Dining Services locations on campus: our main Food Court is located on the second floor of the North Academic Center together with the Grab & Go coffee cart in the Rotunda, the Bare Planet Cafe on the first floor, and the Faculty Dining Room on the third floor. A second coffee station is located in the lower level of the Marshak Science building. All of our coffee locations brew Starbucks Coffee.

CityONECard Dining Dollars may be used at all campus dining loca-tions, in addition to many vending machines located around campus. Voluntary Meal Plan options are available to all commuter and res-ident students. Students save sales tax with every Dining Dollar purchase.

For more information about our City College Dining Services visit


The CCNY Campus Bookstore stocks new and used textbooks, ref-erence and general reading books, school supplies, computer soft-ware and supplies, sportswear and spirit apparel, CCNY memorabilia, magazines, greeting cards, and convenience foods and snack items. The bookstore also offers a text rental program, which can save students money versus the purchase price for a new or used text. The new CityONECard, along with most major credit cards and debit cards, are accepted. The bookstore also buys textbooks back from students throughout the year. For more information about the CCNY Campus Bookstore, visit


The CityONEcard is your new and improved City College ID with added features and benefits. It is a secure ID that enhances safety on campus. It is valid for building access and all services. And it serves as a cash card – a convenient payment method for shopping and dining while on campus! The card also comes with bonus and savings fea-tures only available to CityONECard users.

All CCNY students, faculty and staff members must obtain a CityONE ID Card. Each card includes a unique City College ID number, a magnetic stripe, (which works just like a bank debit or credit card), and it has to be swiped through a reader to process your payment. The card also has a bar code which is used in the campus libraries.

The CityONECard allows you to:

Access all CCNY and CUNY buildings and use the libraries and other services

Purchase food at all campus dining locations, The Towers C-Store and most vending machines

Purchase textbooks, supplies and merchandise in the campus bookstore

Attend City College sporting, arts and entertainment events

For more information about the CityONECard and its features and benefits visit

Housing and Residence Life

The Towers at CCNY (On-Campus Residence Hall)

The Towers at CCNY is the first residence hall to be built on the CCNY campus in the College’s 165-year history. The Towers, located on the South campus, offers a vibrant living and learning experience for all residents (which includes CCNY students, faculty, staff, and students from other CUNY campuses).

The Towers consists of 164 fully furnished, air-conditioned suites in four configurations that house one to four students each, as well as a limited number of studio and one-bedroom suites available for faculty housing. All suites have a kitchenette that includes a cooktop stove, a microwave, full-size refrigerator, a sink, cabinets, and countertop space. The Towers offers free wireless internet service throughout the entire building (including resident rooms and lounges), a multipurpose seminar room, a fitness center, a 24-hour security desk, a central laundry facility (free for residents), a community kitchen, and lounge area with a billiards table and large TV with comfortable seating.

The Residence Life Staff, which consists of resident assistants and professional staff, provides supervision of the building in accordance with CCNY/CUNY policies and procedures. Residence Life also strives to create a sense of community through educational and social programming and serves as a resource to all residents. (The Towers at CCNY, 401 West 130th Street; Phone: 917-507-0070, Email:; Website:

The Office of Off-Campus Housing

This resource allows for students to find housing accommodation around or close to the City College Campus. We provide assistance and counseling to students looking for a room or apartment and want to know more about the rental process in New York City. Off-Campus Housing operates a website that allows student and faculty to access all the resources that this department provides at their own convenience. We are currently introducing other aspects to the department and website to allow for students to find roommates and find a way to get help for housing. We want to provide as much help as possible for students looking to move around the college, which in turn will boost on-campus activity and increase students’ study time and decrease commute time. (Wingate Hall, Room 107; Phone: 212-650-5370, Fax: 212-650-7369)