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Requirements for Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are open to everyone who, in the opinion of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and the department concerned, is qualified by education and experience to benefit from them. Where specific courses are listed as prerequisites, equivalent knowledge or experience may be accepted instead. In general, any applicant for admission to the engineering program should possess as a minimum qualification a degree of Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, or the equivalent obtained with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants for the computer science masters degree should possess a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree with a major in computer science. Applicants for the master's in information systems should possess a Bachelor degree in an engineering or science discipline.

It should be clearly understood that admission to graduate courses is not equivalent to matriculation for a graduate degree, nor does it carry with it any presumption of subsequent matriculation.

An applicant who has specific background deficiencies may be admitted as a matriculated student with conditions. These conditions must be met before student can register for graduate courses. Students who do not satisfy the imposed admissions conditions may be dismissed from the program.

An applicant who has missed the application deadline or who does not desire a degree, but who wishes credit for one or more courses may, by permission of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, enroll as a non-matriculated (non-degree) student. Non-Degree students must meet the same admissions criteria as matriculated students.

Non-matriculated students may enroll for a maximum of six credits. All students must maintain at least a B average. Non-matriculated students may apply for admission if they complete all entrance deficiencies. It is therefore necessary that students who are interested in applying for admission meet with a departmental advisor to devise a planned program.

Applicants interested only in specific courses of special interest to practicing engineers may also be admitted as a special student or may enroll in the Advanced Certificates in Special Topics program.

An applicant who does not desire credit for graduate courses may be enrolled as an auditor. Enrollment as an auditor must be approved by the Chair of the department or his or her authorized representatives and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. The decision to enroll as an auditor must be made at the time the applicant registers. Auditors will not be required to take any examinations, and the amount of problem work, reports, and other formal preparation they may do is discretionary. No quality grade will be awarded for audited courses and a grade of AUD will be assigned. Audited courses cannot be used for credit. An auditor will pay the same fees as a non-degree student.

Students who have taken graduate work at other institutions may receive up to six transfer credits (nine with the approval of the Committee on Course and Standing) provided that the material is equivalent to a graduate course taught at the College and that it was completed with a grade of B or better within a five-year period preceding matriculation at The City College.

Registration for any course in the graduate program may be permitted only with the specific approval of the department concerned.