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Grove School of Engineering

Graduate courses are offered in engineering and computer science. Doctoral and Master’s degrees are awarded for satisfactory completion of approved work in these disciplines. In addition, the Grove School of Engineering offers twelve credit (four-course) programs leading to Advanced Certificates in Special Topics in Civil Engineering.

The engineering departments have enlarged their curricula with new state-of-the-art courses in emerging fields and added a number of applied engineering courses to fill the needs of industry-oriented engineers.

The Professional Master’s programs lead to the M.E. degree, and are available to students who enter with a B.E. or a B.S. degree from an accredited engineering curriculum.* Qualified students with other B.S. degrees will be awarded M.S. (Engineering) degrees upon completion of 30 credits of approved work.

David B. Steinman Hall (coded ST on maps) is the primary engineering building. Admissions information and online application forms are available on our website: For additional information visit or write the Graduate Office, Grove School of Engineering.

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor Ardie D. Walser, is responsible for the administration of the doctoral and master’s programs in Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering as well as the master program in Computer Science and Information Systems.

The doctoral degree in Computer Science is administered by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Professor R.Haralick, whose office is located at the Graduate Center, is the Executive Officer.

For information regarding the Advanced Certificate in Special Topics contact Dr. Edward Camp, NA 8/207.

The Grove School of Engineering is an institutional member of the American Society for Engineering Education. It participates in the Society’s Engineering College Administrative Council and in its Engineering College Research Council. 

The College reserves the right to change curricular requirements and offerings subject to fiscal and/or resource constraints. Inquire at the Graduate Office for specific information on current requirements.

* Some courses taken for the Professional Master’s degree may not be transferable to the Ph. D. degree.