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Advanced Certificates in Special Topics

The Grove School of Engineering offers 12 credit (four-course) programs leading to Advanced Certificates in Special Topics in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management. These programs are organized for degreed practicing engineers who may be entering disciplines requiring knowledge beyond their previous education, and for which they wish to prepare in a short time. Acceptable undergraduate preparation is, of course, required to enter the program.

An Advanced Certificate in Special Topics is awarded by the Grove School of Engineering on satisfactory completion of the course work (minimum GPA of 3.00). In Civil Engineering, students completing an advanced certificate program are eligible to enter the master’s program and apply the twelve (12) certificate credits towards a Master’s degree. The specializations offered are:

Civil Engineering

Four courses are required in any one of the following concentrations (courses are described under Civil Engineering section):


Environmental Engineering

Water Resources


School of Engineering

Engineering Management

The Advanced Certificate in Special Topics in Engineering Management makes it possible for the practicing engineer to acquire fundamental business skills and managerial knowledge.

Choose any four of the following:

ENGR H3800

Management Concepts for Engineers


ENGR H7600

Engineering and Business Law


ENGR H8000

Decision and Planning Techniques for Engineering Management


ENGR H8500

Project Management


ENGR H9300

Economics and Investment Analysis of Engineering Projects


With the approval of the advisor and the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, students may substitute CE H0200 (Transportation Economics) and CE I2400 (Analytical Techniques in Transportation) for ENGR H9300 and ENGR H8000, respectively.

Requirements for Admission to the Advanced Certificate in Special Topics Programs

The requirements for admission to the Advanced Certificate in Special Topics programs are similar to those required for admissions to the Professional Master’s degree. Application for the program shall be made by way of The City College Graduate Studies Application, indicating the field of study and the specific certificate desired. The application shall be accompanied by an official transcript from the college awarding the bachelor’s degree. The undergraduate record shall be from an accredited scholastic curriculum in the appropriate field.

All international students with baccalaureate degrees from non-English speaking countries must submit a TOEFL score of at least 500, if paper based, and of 61, if computer based, to be considered.

Time for Completion of Advanced Certificate Work

While subject to enrollment, it is expected that a sufficient number of classes will be offered each term so that the certificate work can be completed in 2 semesters.

Course Designations

Courses are listed under the Grove School of Engineering Departments of Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science. Courses with a departmental designation will usually be taught by a member of that department and the class will usually consist of students associated with that department. Courses with the designation "Engineering" are expected to be of interest to more than one of the conventional branches and are listed both in the following group and by departments. The instructor may be drawn from among the several departments and the students may comprise a group associated with several departments.

F0000 series: Advanced senior-first year graduate courses. No more than two such courses may generally be credited toward a graduate degree.

G0000 series: Special or experimental courses offered a limited number of times prior to approval by the faculty for inclusion in one of the series below.

H0000 series: Courses in terminal programs generally credited only toward a master’s degree after approval by the student’s advisor and the department.

I0000 series: Master’s and doctoral courses.

J0000 series: Advanced courses.

Note: The five-digit courses occasionally referred to as prerequisites are undergraduate courses in the Grove School of Engineering. Full descriptions of these may be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin of The City College.