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Attendance is credited from the first session of the course. Candidates who register late incur absences for all sessions held prior to their registration.

Candidates are expected to be punctual, and to attend every session of the classes for which they are registered. It is not permissible to register for courses which cannot under normal conditions be reached at the time scheduled for the opening of the class.

Provision is made for unavoidable absence due to illness or authorized conferences by permitting two absences in a fifteen-session course, or four absences in a thirty-session course.

No credit will be granted for a course in which a candidate has incurred excess absences except that, where circumstances warrant, instructors may accept special assignments in lieu of one or two unavoidable absences. In no case will credit be granted if five absences have been incurred in a fifteen-session course.

If five absences occur prior to or by the midterm period, the instructor will forward a "W" grade to the Registrar. If the fifth absence occurs after the midterm period, the candidate must appeal to the School of Education Committee on Course and Standing in order to avoid the "F" grade.