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Matriculation Status
Initial Certification Programs

Full matriculation is open to graduates of colleges of recognized standing who are qualified to undertake graduate study by reason of previous preparation in both subject matter and professional fields as listed under the several program specializations. To be admitted to an initial-certificate program in elementary or secondary education, the candidate’s preparation in the liberal arts and sciences must include a liberal arts major and course work in English composition, literature, mathematics, the sciences, history, and a foreign language.

Candidates who have not completed all liberal arts requirements for initial certification may be admitted conditionally if they lack 12 credits or less, pending completion of those courses. Conditioned courses must be completed, in addition to the core education curriculum, in order for a candidate to be recommended for initial certification. For the teaching specializations, professional preparation may also be required in areas such as history of education, child development, or adolescent development. These requirements differ by program. Candidates lacking such preparation may be admitted on condition (see Matriculation with Conditions below).

Consistent with requirements for national accreditation, candidates in the School of Education will also establish an electronic portfolio account (Taskstream). This will provide prompt feedback in an aggregated fashion to instructors to maximize the effectiveness of the School’s instructional programs. Additionally, this provides candidates with a highly effective tool which can showcase their technological abilities and be used for reference beyond their studies at the college.

Candidates are expected to meet acceptable standards in respect to academic record, character, and health. A candidate may be rejected if there is any doubt concerning certification or licensure by the New York State Department of Education or by the New York City Department of Education.

The number of candidates admitted to programs is necessarily determined by the needs of the schools. If the number of eligible applicants is patently in excess of the anticipated capacity of the schools to absorb them within a reasonable period subsequent to their graduation, matriculation is limited to those who offer surest promise of effectiveness in educational service.

Professional Certification Programs

Full matriculation is open to graduates of colleges of recognized standing who are qualified to undertake graduate study by reason of previous preparation in both subject matter and professional fields as listed under the several program specializations.
Candidates are expected to meet acceptable standards in respect to academic record, character, and health. Candidates must hold initial New York State certification to be admitted to a program leading to professional certification.

Matriculation with Conditions

A candidate who is otherwise qualified, but who has not completed the courses prerequisite to matriculation, may be admitted to matriculation with conditional status, provided that the deficiencies are not in excess of twelve credits of work in professional and subject matter courses combined. Candidates admitted to matriculation with conditions will be expected to remove all conditions within three semesters after their initial acceptance.

No credit toward the degree is allowed for courses taken to fulfill the requirements or conditions for matriculation.

Admissions Procedure for Matriculated Status

Candidates applying for admission to the master’s degree, extension or advanced certificate programs in the School of Education must:

  1. Complete an application for admission to the particular program. Applications are available on the website of the Office of Graduate Admissions,

  2. Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

  3. Demonstrate an ability to pursue graduate study successfully.

  4. Possess a grade point average of "B" or above.

  5. Submit the application for admission and three letters of recommendation to the Office of Graduate Admissions by October 15th for the spring, and March 15th for the fall.

  6. Complete an in-person written essay and interview.

  7. Provide evidence of New York State initial certification, if applying to a program that leads to professional certification.

  8. Submit GRE score. Applicants with a master’s degree and certification are exempt from this requirement with proof.

Decisions on admissions will be made by each graduate program after consideration of all admissions materials. Decisions will be announced in early December for spring admissions and late April for fall admissions.

All credentials filed in support of an application become part of the permanent file and the property of the college. The Advanced Certificate programs are designed to accommodate candidates who already have a master's degree.

Meeting Professional Standards

As a professional school with the responsibility of recommending candidates for New York State certification, the School of Education must conduct ongoing professional evaluation of students. Programs in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture do not recommend candidates for certification as a teacher if they receive less than a B grade in their student teaching or practicum experience. In cases where faculty determine that an individual is inappropriate for the teaching profession, they may recommend dismissal to the Committee on Course and Standing. The findings of the Committee are final.

Admission with Advanced Standing

Up to six credits in advanced standing may be allowed for graduate work satisfactorily completed at institutions other than The City College, provided that the program director deems the work appropriate to the candidates' program of study and an official transcript is on file in the Office of the Registrar. The course or courses for which such credit is sought must have been completed within the three-year period prior to the date of matriculation in the graduate program.

Foreign Student Credentials

An applicant who files credentials from foreign institutions of higher learning in support of an application for admission to a graduate program in the School of Education must present:

  1. The original of all academic records and certifications for all institutions attended.

  2. Available bulletins and catalogs of the institutions attended and the curricula followed.

  3. Original and copies of statements by the United States Office of Education or other agencies relative to standing, level, or validity of foreign records filed with such agencies for purposes of evaluation and certification or licensing.

Non-Degree Admissions

The School of Education Graduate Division will accept non-degree students who seek professional growth. Taking one or a series of courses to improve teaching skills and to keep up with new developments in the candidates' area of teaching is encouraged by the College.

The School of Education may also allow degree and/or certification seeking candidates to take up to nine credits as non–degree students. If such candidates are formally accepted, the program director will decide whether any of the credits taken as a non–degree student may be applied toward the program requirements.

Those who wish to attend as non–degree students may only be admitted to courses for which they are qualified. Such candidates must file online for admission as a non–degree student by visiting Candidates must also present student copies of transcripts or other credentials proving graduation from an accredited institution at that time.
Advisors in each of the several teaching and service fields are available for consultation at registration and during the regular semesters.

Non-degree students must follow the regular rules for registration and course requirements, including prerequisites.